Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wear it more than one way

Have you ever been in a style rut? looked in your closet and pull out the same outfit every single time? Maybe you feel creative one day and wear that drab outfit with a piece of different jewelry but still don't feel as sexy as you do when you put on a new outfit? I have been there! I have looked at all my basic tops and just worn them by themselves and looked so drab but i say "no more!" Here are a few tips on turning a basic  into something a little more.

As I said, jewelry is a great option, right now big bulky statement necklaces and big earrings are the go-to accessory. Of course the J.crew bubble necklace is still huge..

Or try an option like this..

Cute outfit..

When I worked retail as a student I was told that we should have at least two-three layers on top. This has helped me to pick out outfits ever since. So instead of just throwing on that tank top or plain tee, throw on another layer. Say a cardigan, a vest, a blazer, sweater or denim jacket. This really adds visual interest to your shirt. Go the extra mile and pair that combination with a statement necklace and/or belt and you have yourself a cute new outfit.

white blazer + neutral top + dark denim + neutral pumps

striped shirt under solid sweater!

I love a great sweater over a patterned shirt!


F21 skirt
I love how Lilly pairs her basic top with a vest and a belt for added detail.

Yellow leggings !
This gal takes her solid dress and improves it with a cardigan, belt and bright tights with boots. What could have been seen as a blah dress is turned into an entirely different outfit. How many dresses do you have like this at home?
Cardigan as main layer, love it.
 Try wearing a cardigan as the first layer as this model does here...Very cute!

Always wear jeans with a particular top? Try spicing it up with a different shade (so many color options these days) or wear it with a printed skirt or under a dress with bright accessories and shoes!

Try rolling your jeans up a little at the bottom for a little Kelly Ripa
watermelon and yellow

such a cute outfit

Pinned Image
Or simply throw on a scarf and a pair of hot shoes! 

Stop looking at that same old piece as the same old outfit and you'll watch your wardrobe expand!
How to Wear: Mustard Cardigan
Look how this blogger takes a plain cardigan and wears it multiple ways.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you handle it? I would love to hear what you have done.

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