Friday, July 12, 2013

Ways to wear the J.crew rose necklace

If you have been on Pinterest or surfing blogland lately you will have most likely seenthe J. Crew flower statement necklace.

I am in love with this necklace. It adds so much texture and pop to an outfit. It is super easy to wear with just about anything but if you need ideas I have listed some great fashion blogger photos to give you some inspiration and show you just how much you will love wearing this amazing piece.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Statement Necklace SALE

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It is so crazy to think that five years ago today I was getting everything ready for my wedding. I remember waking up with the biggest smile and butterflies in my tummy. I spent the whole day getting ready with my bridesmaids and family. Hair pulled back into a chic up-do, dress so sparkly you could probably see it from the moon, and make-up that would make a movie star jealous. I posed for many pictures in the dance room of my new aunt's home and there was even a posing for a photo on the toilet in my big huge dress lol.. is that weird? Yeah it totally is and I thought so too when my brother-in-law who was also my photographer, told me to do it, but the picture came out so cute! I wish I had it on this computer.. If I find it i'll post it because even after i type about it I can't help but think you all are giving me the stink face lol.

Well 5 years and 2 beautiful boys later I started my first business SHY Boutique. I have always dreamed of being in the fashion industry and I finally made my dream come true through the loving support of my husband. He truly is my dream husband and I don't know where I would be without him.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to wear a statement necklace

This post was inspired by my mother-in-law who loves statement necklaces but is always asking me what she can wear them with. So to help her out and anyone else who thinks they can't wear statement necklaces this is for you.

We have all seen the trend worn by bloggers everywhere. It is all over Pinterest and Instagram but how to put together your own outfit may have been difficult for you, well not anymore....

First you need to decide on the piece you want to wear or the outfit you want and determine the neckline. This image was found on Pinterest and i find it extremely helpful as a quick reference when picking out my jewelry.

When choosing a statement necklace everything else should be minimal. You should not wear huge earrings with the necklace because the main focus should be at your neck, too much clutter at your face is distracting.

Looks great with a tube top

 Fantastic with a tank top 

Love an open neckline with a statement piece and small bracelets.

 The necklace should do the talking and should be the only piece you wear or at least keep everything else fairly minimal near your face such as small stud earrings. Jewelry at your wrist and fingers are okay :)

I love a statement necklace with a button up.

The great thing about statement necklaces is that you can take a pretty boring outfit and make it POP! Take your basic tee and some ripped jeans and pair it with your favorite necklace and you have something totally glam. Here is some inspiration:

Dress up your piece with your little black dress.

For me, it is all about taking my boring wardrobe and revamping it entirely with just a few statement necklaces. If you don't have much cash to spend on an entirely new wardrobe spend $30 you favorite necklace and change your wardrobe.

I hope this helps you, just remember that a statement necklace can be worn almost any way just have fun with it and if you love it then others will too.

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Statement Necklaces!

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