Monday, July 8, 2013

Statement Necklace SALE

It's my wedding anniversary to my loving husband of 5 years and I would love to share this day with my fans. Use code LOVE788 at checkout

It is so crazy to think that five years ago today I was getting everything ready for my wedding. I remember waking up with the biggest smile and butterflies in my tummy. I spent the whole day getting ready with my bridesmaids and family. Hair pulled back into a chic up-do, dress so sparkly you could probably see it from the moon, and make-up that would make a movie star jealous. I posed for many pictures in the dance room of my new aunt's home and there was even a posing for a photo on the toilet in my big huge dress lol.. is that weird? Yeah it totally is and I thought so too when my brother-in-law who was also my photographer, told me to do it, but the picture came out so cute! I wish I had it on this computer.. If I find it i'll post it because even after i type about it I can't help but think you all are giving me the stink face lol.

Well 5 years and 2 beautiful boys later I started my first business SHY Boutique. I have always dreamed of being in the fashion industry and I finally made my dream come true through the loving support of my husband. He truly is my dream husband and I don't know where I would be without him.

I hope you all can get your favorite statement necklace today with FREE SHIPPING and feel as special as I did on my wedding day.

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