Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to wear a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are perfect for fall and just about any time of the year. They are so versatile, just look at some of the ways you can wear them.

I love the idea of a denim jacket buttoned up as a top!

One of my favorite ways to wear a maxi skirt is with an effortless chambray shirt just tied in the front.

Stripes and a maxi, how could you go wrong?! She looks warm and toasty and oh so fabulous!

Adding a skinny belt and some bright heels adds a little interest without going overboard.

I love this! A scarf, a demin jacket, a maxi, and tank. Many of us have these items in out closets already!

EASY! A white shirt and a statement necklace!

Go a little more edgy and wear a leather jacket with a bold necklace.

One of my fashion idols wears an adorable vest with her maxi skirt.

a cute fitted jacket and bold accessories make this look to die for!

a comfortable slouchy shirt and understated accessories make a maxi a perfect fit for the beach.

I love the cardigan and belt, such an effortless yet put together look.

Maxi skirts are so wonderful! I want one in every color and they aren't just limited to one look either. 

I have also pulled my maxi skirt up to my chest and paired it with a cute cardigan and belt.

You can find chambray shirts as seen in this post as well as maxi skirts at SHY Boutique for excellent prices. Get in on the fall trend and wear your skirt year round!


  1. Found you through Merricks Art, love this post and the different ways you can wear a maxi skirt. I really need to add one to my wardrobe!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sarah! I am glad you found this post helpful. Maxi skirts are so worth the money since you can wear them all year. :)

  3. you should put source credit for all of your pictures so the appropriate bloggers and sources get the credit!

    1. Youre right! I will do that going forward and try to go back to my posts and add the links back to the blogs. Thanks Lili!